This project aims to break stereotypes and change the perception of society about people with disabilities (visible or hidden); Instead of weak and pitiful – strong and powerful – AS THEY REALLY ARE.

My name is Dani Garmise, 37. That’s me: slim body, placed in a wheelchair with a pair of barely functional hands. And still, one of my favorite daily rituals is facing the mirror, removing my shirt and reveal my skinny and cripple body. I like looking at it, with all his flaws, and think – “Sexy!”.

This project has an element of phototherapy. It allows the subjects to choose how they want to be presented and look at themselves in a new light. Together with my subjects, we create a simple concept that will portray each individual the best way possible.

My name is Rona Soffer, 36, redhead, from Jerusalem, a filmmaker and also disabled. I was injured severely in a car accident in adolescence and since then busy living my life to the fullest. In my movies and work I investigate the subject of sexuality and disability.
My name is Ilia Marin, 29, an engineer and a M.A. student in computer science. I was born with cerebral palsy. I believe peaks are intended to be conquered. When its gets difficult you don’t give up. You rest and keep moving.
My name is Benny Cauly, 22, a student of archeology and the Bible. I deal with depression all my life, depression is hard and cruel, the struggle is sisyphean. But I think I’m succeeding. I fight, deal and survive.
My name is Noa Harpaz, 24, I study a B.A in medicine and have a hearing disability. A lot of people told me, “Yes, but why make life harder? How will you use a stethoscope?”. I told them I’ll re-program my hearing for this cause and that I will succeed. There are many doctors who know how to listen, but to make a good diagnosis, you should also be moved from the ability to listen.
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