This project is about my generation, generation Y. I don’t intend to present an entire generation and the struggles it goes through, but to show a sneak-peek to me and my subjects personal life and the internal consequences of living in a generation of “lost” people. The drugs, the melancholy, the rented apartments, the loneliness – are repeated motifs in my project that characterise a period of time and a certain state of mind that is important for me to document.

Dor & Maayan, Jerusalem. August 2015

We are a deserted generation, we’re forgotten and were given up on – I feel it’s my duty to document it and the special people surrounding me every day saving me from myself. Considering the “not so bright future” my lost generation awaits for, it’s important to find beauty in the small things in life, appreciate the deep friendships created around us and live the present to its fullest.

Israel, Uzi & Inbal, Tel aviv, August 2015

The camera became another friend in my social circle. I started photographing obsessively and instinctively, without thinking too much. With time I started focusing my work on a few key figures in my life – my immediate environment, my friends, each one of them is a representative of a part of our generation.
The photos presented are a start of a project that aspires to follow selected figures for 10 years and to document their growth as representatives of Generation Y.

Maxim, Jerusalem, August 2015
Inbal, Hamburg, April 2016
After the party at Ayana’s place. Tel Aviv, November 2015
Ayana. ,Tel Aviv, December 2015
Ayana. ,Tel Aviv, December 2015
Isfael & Uzi. ,Tel Aviv, December 2015
Johnny ,Tel Aviv, March 2015
Me (shot by Ayana at her place), Tel Aviv, December 2015
Uzi & Inbal,north Israel, September 2015
Ayana. Tel Aviv, March, 2016
Inbal, Tal & me. Tel Aviv, January 2016
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